Quality Kennels in Omaha, NE


Install Kennel Fences in Your Property

Keep your pets safe from harm with kennel fencing services and products from Cardinal Fence Company in Omaha, NE. We install and remodel fences to fit your every need. We can custom build fences so you can use them as kennels for your animals. Please talk to our personnel for all your inquiries.

Custom Framework

Our professionals are experienced in producing fences for both indoor and outdoor kennels for small and big dogs. Let us help keep your pets comfortable with roomy and pet-safe kennels. We also create kennel complexes for breeding and boarding purposes. We have a variety of custom framework to choose from.
Protective Chain Link Enclosure — Ornamental Fencing in Omaha, NE
Fence om a hill — Ornamental Fencing in Omaha, NE

Schedule an Onsite Service

Make the most out of our services. Get a custom fence or gate for your home to keep intruders at bay. Our professionals are experienced in creating fences and gates for your commercial or residential property needs. Call us at 402-391-0924 and schedule an onsite service with our professionals. View our album to see images of our projects.